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Company Profile
Hangzhou Chengfang Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. is located at No.29, Houshan Road, Wuchang Economic Development queen, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Provience. it is built in 2000. With over ten years of exploration and studies to achieve excellence in quality and service by Miss Pan Yunfang together with her employees, our company has now gain the confidence to manufacture textiles for hotels and restaurants as well as the daily disposable products.
Our company could cater to all hotel needs whether domestic or overseas. Locally we are of service to 6 or five star hotels and hotels in our famous city in china , such as Zhejiang Braim international Hotel, Yiwu Yihe Hotel, Yiwu Kingdom Hotel, Yiwu Xinlian Hotel, and Jiashan Hotel , pujiang tashan hotel, Nanchang braim hotel, Zhejiang weiduoliya hotel, Hangzhou zhongshanhu hotel, Zhejiang transportation group, Hangzhou hongxing cultural ,and so on. It is also sell American ,England.
So what do you need? Name it and we have it!
һ. Textile series: From drapes/ curtains, sheets, duvet cover, pillow, quilt, mattress pad, bedspread, bed runner, bath curtain, bathrobe,laundry bag , towel, bath towel, ground towel, cotton slippers, shoe shine cloth and so on; a seris of table cloth, , chair covers, etc.
. Consumables series: Dental kit, comb, shower cap, soap, shampoo, bath gel, body lotion, hair conditioner, razor kit, cotton swab, nail file, bath brush, sewing kit, toothpick, chopsticks cover, toilet paper and so on.
Our company has always persistent in seeking top quality, reasonable prices and excellent service. We are willing to devoted to the hotel business and assist your hotels to elevate your level of stars.



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